Not Much to Tell

It is times like this when the guys and I would love to have a more colorful story to tell. Maybe how we all survived a shark attack or mine collapse and heroically survived to live another day. Then maybe the story would go on to explain that the near death experiences inspired us to save the world from aggravation and misery, one automotive purchase at a time. Alas, the true life story is a bit less dramatic, though.

The reality is this; we all had experienced the frustration and disappointment of selling our own vehicles. We knew it was an unpleasant experience for most everyone we knew and were confident that wecould make it better for everyone involved. To be honest, we couldn't figure out what was so darn difficult. If you don't believe us, try taking your used car to an auto dealership and get a price. Go to about five of them and you will get five prices, not exactly close to one another. Don't orget the weasel from new car sales who has been eyeing you and your family since you walked in.

So why did we start a car, truck, and van buying business? Three words...we love people. We care about your experience with us and actually want it to be an exceptional one. What we do isn't exactly rocket science and we are very proud of that fact.

With Cash for Cars San Gabriel, we keep things honest, fair, and simple. No salesman, gimmicks, or shady contracts or deals. Just fair market pricing delivered to your door with a smile and a handshake.

That is the difference we are providing. That difference will make all the difference for you.

Thank you for choosing us! We are honored to serve you!