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We make selling your car, truck, or van fast, friendly, and best of all, profitable.

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Today, we have fixed all of that. We haven't exactly cured cancer here, but we have come up with a way for you to quickly sell your unwanted car, truck or van for a fair price. Fast.

No matter what kind of condition your car, truck, or van is in, we are wanting to buy it from you. We don't criticize the dings or beat up upholstery and we certainly don't mind that Led Zepplin air freshener either. Our deal is simple. We will give you a fair price along with speedy and friendly service. That is our most important goal and we work hard to achieve it every time.

Most importantly, you don't have to go hunting for that waffle fry you lost under your seat five years ago.

How it Works...In a Nutshell

If you are expecting us to go into some long, complicated, pain in the butt selling process right now, you are dead wrong. Our business model couldn't be simpler and that means a quick turnaround for you and absolutely no headaches or paper cuts!

  1. Contact us and tell us a little bit about your ride: We will ask you things like mileage, make/model, and vehicle year. We will also ask a couple questions that will help us determine the car, truck, or van's overall condition.
  2. We make you an offer: You can accept it right then or take some time to think about it. There will never be any sales tactics.
  3. We buy it: If you decide to accept our very generous offer, we will cut you a check and take possession of the vehicle that day. Easy, right?

So What is the Downside?

There truly isn't one. At worst, after calling us and deciding not to accept our offer, you will have some market intelligence as to what your car is worth. Sure, you are going to be sweating in the sun and heat for hours at a time, cleaning and waxing your car, but we won't judge. Maybe you are into that kind of senseless self-abuse and physical labor.

The likely result of your call, however, will probably be a great sale, a great price, and a fast turnaround. Yes, we are just that amazing.

We get contacted a lot by customers in Temecula and unfortunately we are not servicing Temecula at this time. But, you can still get a cash offer for your car by getting in contact with cash for Junk Cars Temecula. This company purchases cars in all conditions throughout the area.

Our Fans Cheer!

"I had just decided to buy a new car and was absolutely dreading the whole ordeal of selling my current ride. I had sold other vehicles in the past and it always meant blowing an entire weekend detailing the thing, making up signs, and posting classified ads. Then the fun part of taking an endless string of calls at all hours of the night began. I knew I wasn't up for that again. I called Cash for Cars San Gabriel and within hours, I was holding a check and my old vehicle was being driven away down the drive. I really can't imagine how much easier the car selling process could be. Thanks a million guys!"
Andrienne G.

"Thanks to everyone at Cash for Cars San Gabriel for an impressive experience. The truth of the matter is, I really can't stand people in general, much less have a bunch of strangers at my door and on my phone around the clock. I was impressed with you guys at every stage of the process. I never knew how easy selling my old truck could be. Excellent job everybody!!!"
Travis J.